Did you miss our visit with Darren La Croix late last year?
I have to say, for many members and guest, it was a true turning point in our careers.

Not just in the amazing level of practical info Darren gave us that will give you momentum today, help you reassess, or even rebuild a new direction for your business.  His processes and resources will really skyrocket your speaking business into the direction you know you want, but are you hung up on the how, “now what” or stuck on “get ready”?
When people like Darren come through, we often talk about them for months, and wonder when they'll be another guest NSA guru who shares their time with us, and helps us reach our next level again.

Well in this case, we don't have too wait long, and I have to say with great passion- if you care about your ability to speak, or if you care about your ability to sell any product, or if you just want to be inspired by a brilliant and highly accomplished, fantastic speaker….
You must attend the Craig Valentine event this week!

THIS Thursday at a FREE Toastmaster event – click here and take your speaking to the next level

This Friday at our NSA lunch event – accounting homework help

nsastl.com/2011/12/10/feb-17th-secrets-from-a-world-champion-craig-valenine/”>click for more info!!!

Fortunately, I've been able to spend several days with Darren and Craig in the last few months, and I must say, after working with many well respected gurus in our industry to get good results; Craig and Darren's work with me has taken my speaking to a major new level.  Working with them has been beyond transformational in my skills, business mindset, overall confidence, and ultimately has produced a personal revelation for me.

What is so magical about Craig is that he presents on topics you may have chased mastering in before- others will put the ideas out there, but in my experience, never quite deliver the goods on “how exactly then do I do that?”  That is, after months, you are still left, wondering… did I, or exactly how do I, really get there….  how do I really build momentum?

With Craig's products and processes, you will move forward, step by step, and make measurable growth towards his mastery of storytelling.

Your message will begin to resonate through out your presentations, and seamlessly into what your audiences next steps are.   Craig's second day of processes, formulas and techniques will have you connecting authentically and inspiring your audience to take the next step in their lives, apply their learning's, and achieve more through your resources.

Craig's approach can skyrocket your speaking business to the next level, and build a sustainable growth model that feeds itself!

Trust me- you really need to experience this-


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