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Speakers and trainers who charge by the engagement impose an artificial limit to their potential revenue. One solution is value pricing, used successfully by many consultants. Another is to create a scalable option.

Linda Keith will be speaking at a chapter of the National Speakers Association about two ways to scale up the business: public programs and online/on-demand training.


Create a Scalable Speaking Business

LInda KeithSession 1: Host Open-enrollment (Public) Programs to Ramp up your Revenue…or Lose your Shirt

Make money while increasing credibility and bringing in leads for speaking, training, coaching, consulting and product sales. Are public seminars right for you? Make an informed decision and create your plan for launching and managing open-enrollment offerings. Linda trains bankers through in-house and public workshops. She offers three-day open-enrollment programs in five cities three times yearly and has been doing this successfully for 15 years.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the Who, What, Why, Where, When and How of Public Programs.
  2. Use handouts and Linda’s tools (Hotel Contact Sheets, Detailed Task Lists and Registration/Revenue/Cost Tracker) to start on your plan for launching a public seminar series.
  3. Make an informed decision to start, continue

    or quit offering public seminars as part of your business model.

Session 2: E-Learning Show-and-Tell

See Linda Create a Course and Learn why you cannot simply Re-purpose Live PPT or Webinars

See a demo of how Linda converts a slide presentation suitable for a live program into an interactive E-Learning module.  She has created over 30 E-Learning courses…but it took a year to pick the software, another year to get the first 14 up and running, and another year to get the next 16. In March she launched a new series for Directors of Banks and Credit Unions and this time she is working with an Instructional Designer. Learn from Linda’s bright ideas and her mistakes. Another way to scale up your business…and watch those emails announcing more money in your mailbox come on in. ChaChing!

Learning Outcomes:

Understand how the E-Learning environment is different than live, and even webinars.

Watch as Linda demonstrates the creation and publish process.

Consider the ways you can add online, on-demand E-Learning to your product mix.


BONUS Session:  How to Earn your CSP


Stand out among your peers competence by becoming a Certified Speaking Professional – the international measure of professional platform skill.

This certification, which is awarded by the National Speakers Association, is not easy to get. In fact, only about 10 percent of speakers are CSPs. Those who have earned their certification have done so by demonstrating a track record of experience and expertise.

Learn more here

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