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Interest Survey for Photo and Video Shoot Events

NSA St. Louis is currently coordinating two separate opportunities for the St. Louis speaking community to update/create head shots and promotional videos. Please use this form to indicate your thoughts and preferences, so we can create events that best fit your needs in these areas.

Are you interested in updating your head shot or professional photos?(Required)
Are you interested in creating professional, promotional video for your speaking business?(Required)
In your speaking career, how important do you think it is to have high-quality professional photos or video?(Required)
Would you be interested in networking with other speakers and professionals during the photo shoot and video day?(Required)
Which of the following days would be most convenient for you to attend a photo shoot coordinated by NSA St. Louis?(Required)
What price range would you find reasonable for a professional photo shoot coordinated by NSA St. Louis?(Required)
For the photo shoot, a $50 deposit will be required to reserve your spot. Would you be willing to put down this deposit for a photo shoot when you sign up?(Required)