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Join NSA St. Louis and get the knowledge and support you need to
succeed in your speaking business!

If you live in or around the St. Louis area, and are serious about speaking professionally, joining NSA St. Louis will get you on the path to success.

With each monthly meeting, you will learn from peers and national experts about what it takes to make money speaking professionally.  You will be surrounded by Certified Speaking Professionals, Hall of Fame Speakers, Past Presidents of NSA St. Louis and Past Presidents of the National Speakers Association who all make a successful living speaking professionally.  And the relationships you develop will boost inspiration and motivation to keep you moving forward toward your goals and dreams.

There are two levels of membership within the St. Louis chapter.  Each level offers a number of benefits along with options to pay for your membership with 12 monthly payments or one annual payment.

So, take a moment to explore the options and decide which option is right for you.

Aspiring Speaker

Nsa st. Louis aspiring speaker

If you are just starting a speaking business or have the desire to ramp up your existing speaking business, the Aspiring Speaker membership is the perfect option for you.

Membership at the Aspiring level offers a number of valuable benefits, yet doesn’t require an additional membership with NSA National.  You only pay dues to the St. Louis chapter and save money over paying the guest fee to attend the monthly meetings and other events.

Here is a full list of benefits you will enjoy:

  • Monthly meeting announcements
  • Attend in-person and virtual Business Development Programs offered by NSA St. Louis as part of your membership
  • Access to National Convention recordings
  • Access to recordings of past NSA St. Louis meetings and other resources
  • You will be featured in the eSpeaker’s database on the NSA St. Louis website
  • Speaking industry news and announcements
  • Ability to serve on NSA St. Louis committees and be more involved in the community

Does an Aspiring Speaker membership feel like the right fit for you? Click a button below to Join Today.

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option of $37 per month

Click here to join with the annual payment option of $370
and save over the monthly rate

Professional Speaker

A Professional membership at the St. Louis chapter level is for speakers who are actively pursuing a professional speaking business or Aspiring speakers who are ready to take their business to that next level.

To join NSA St. Louis as a Professional member, a current membership with NSA National is also required. (You can explore what that means and get more information about NSA National memberships HERE.)

If you decide to join both NSA National and the St. Louis NSA chapter at the Professional level, here is a full list of benefits you will enjoy:

All benefits included with the Aspiring membership PLUS…

  • Attend In-Person & Virtual Speaker Mastermind Sessions following the monthly meetings
  • Access to Voices of Experience Audio Magazine*
  • Subscription to Speakers Magazine*
  • You will be featured in the NSA National Speaker’s database
  • Ability to serve on the NSA St. Louis Board of Directors and be part of shaping the chapter for other members and the local speaking community
  • Opportunities to participate in Professional Expert groups
  • Receive speaking opportunity emails*

~ Benefits followed by * are additional benefits of being a St. Louis Chapter Professional member and a member of NSA National.

National member nsa st. Louis speaker

Does a Professional membership feel like the right choice for you?
Just click a button below to choose monthly or annual payment and join today.

Click here to join the St. Louis Chapter with the monthly payment option of $30 per month

Click here to join the St. Louis Chapter with the annual payment option of $300 – and save over the monthly rate

Some of the benefits listed above are perks of also belonging to NSA National. We encourage you to explore those benefits and sign up with NSA National today! Just use code NSAMO when you sign up!

Attend Meetings as a Guest

Not quite ready to become a member of NSA St. Louis?  Attending the monthly NSA St. Louis meetings and being part of the community as a guest is always an option, too.

By registering as a guest for an upcoming meeting, you will be added to our email list and receive notifications about all future meetings.  You will also receive periodic updates on what is new and exciting in the speaking industry.

Attendance at your first meeting is free.  The cost for each additional meeting is $47 per meeting.

This is a good option if you are unsure about making the commitment to join at this time.  Just register for an upcoming event, we will send you the details for attending that event, and you will be in the loop for future event notifications.

If you’re not sure you are ready to join but would like to attend a St. Louis event, we invite you to click the button below to learn more about the next available meeting and reserve your spot.

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Still have questions?

Please contact our Chapter Administrator at
nsastlchapter@gmail.com or call 636-265-7275.