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Spring 2024 Speakers Academy

You are registering for the Spring 2024 Session of NSA STL's Speakers Academy, which begins on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

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As you register for Speakers Academy, we ask that you make a commitment to 1) Attend all Speakers Academy sessions - either in-person or virtually, 2) Complete all homework assignments, 3) Attend the three NSA St. Louis monthly meetings while you are in Speakers Academy, and 4) Apply for membership with NSA St. Louis if you are not already a member. We have found these actions have a VERY positive impact on your speaking business, as well as what you get out of Speakers Academy. Are you willing to commit to taking these actions?*
Speakers Academy sessions will be recorded. Your in-person or virtual attendance at these sessions serves as your permission to be seen in the recordings, which may be used for marketing or educational purposes. Please click the button below to give permission and indicate that you understand recordings you appear in may be used for these purposes.*