NSA St. Louis Spring Speakers Academy Equips Aspiring Speakers for Success!

Ever wished you could be a professional speaker who has a message, but didn’t think you had the talent or skills to take the stage AND run a profitable speaking business? Then, Speakers Academy is for you!

Speakers Academy provides all the information aspiring professional speakers need to launch a successful career in the speaking business.

Designed by professional trainers, the 24-hour program offers the “inside track” on how to launch and grow a successful speaking business.

Classes begin on April 11, 2020, at the Business Lodge, Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield MO.   Amy Lemire, Dean, and Richard Avdoian, CSP, Co-Dean, will work together as a team, alongside top speaking industry experts who will be guest session facilitators to share best practices, lessons learned and decades of professional speaking expertise.

At every session, students will learn the inside out from the best speakers in the business.


Speakers Academy Goals: From Student to Stage to Entrepreneur

NSA St. Louis Speakers Academy focuses on how to develop and market to people at corporations, associations, and organizations who hire—and invest in—keynotes, workshops, consulting and training.


Students will learn how to:

  • Refine business plans
  • Increase visibility
  • Create a fee schedule
  • Craft marketing strategies
  • Develop profitable products
  • Improve platform skills

NSA St. Louis Spring Speakers Academy 2020 Curriculum and Logistics:

Location: The Business Lodge, Chesterfield, MO

** Due to current social distancing guidelines, changes have been made to the location for this program. Please click HERE for more information.

Dates: Saturdays: April 11, 25 | May 9, 30 | June 13, 27

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


  • Paid-In-Full Early Bird Rate (PIF before Feb 1) – $707

  • Full Tuition Rate (after Feb 1) – $757

  • Installment Plan (2 payments; 1st payment of $497 by March 1 and

    2nd payment of $300 no later than April 1) – $797

Each session covers essential information, ranging from improving platform skills to marketing and running your business. Participants will be equipped with the tools they need to succeed as professional speakers in today’s ever-changing market.


Session 1 – Introduction, Professional Awareness and Topic Development

Students will identify their core area of expertise and discover how to define and refine topics for target audiences.

Session 2 – Sales and Marketing

Success in the speaking business depends upon one’s ability to market services. This session covers positioning, the importance of the sales cycle, and marketing techniques to get booked.

Session 3 – Professional Development, Presenting and Performing, and Platform Mechanics

Developing speaker skills includes commitment to the profession, the art of presentation skills, and the logistics of speaking from the stage. Learn about everything from “owning the room” to managing the microphone.

Session 4 – Managing Your Business

While someone can be great on stage, what happens behind the scenes drives success. Understand how to set up and maintain the business side to take speaking from a hobby or sideline into a profit center.

Session 5 – Authorship and Product Development

Giving a speech is only one-way professional speakers build their businesses. Books, workbooks, CDs, webinars, and workshops are among the array of ways to generate profits by expanding your platform.

Session 6 – Putting it All Together / Graduation

Time to take a bow! You’ve gone through the 10-module workbook, heard from top-notch speakers in 24 hours of classes! Now, it’s time to take the stage and make a speech. Class concludes with a graduation celebration with NSA St. Louis board members, Certified Speaking Professionals, faculty, and guests.

Space is limited, so enroll and reserve your spot TODAY!

Spring Speakers Academy Dean and Co-Dean


Amy Lemire

Amy helps entrepreneurs and businesses improve profits with the latest sales strategy from her decades of Fortune 50 sales and training experience. She is also a best-selling author, ‘Thought Habit Success Coach,” and an international speaker/sales trainer specializing in inspirational keynote delivery. Visit http://AimWithAmy.com for more information.

Richard Avdoian, CSP

Richard works with businesses and associations committed to recruiting, training, and retaining highly motivated productive employees. He has worked with clients in over forty different industries providing programs and services in the area of teamwork, leadership and employee development. For more on Richard visit https://richardavdoian.com/