Message from NSA St. Louis President Greg Martinelli

As President of the National Speakers Association St. Louis Chapter, I want you to know how excited we are that you are considering a commitment to growing your career as a professional speaker by enrolling in the Speakers Academy. That professional commitment will pay dividends long after your training program is complete.

As you saw on the Speakers Academy page, classes for the fall session are set to begin on Sept. 12. Our original plan, when we first set out on this venture,  was to have the Speakers Academy at the Business Lodge in Chesterfield. However, due to COVID-19, the decision was made to make some changes in terms of delivering the program this past spring. It ended up being completely presented on the virtual platform, and I am happy to report it was a HUGE success.

The content and interaction for the Speakers Academy are designed to be delivered effectively both in-person and online. In fact, many NSA chapters throughout the country currently offer their Speakers Academy program exclusively online. That said, we are confident you will be receiving the same high-level content you expect, regardless of how long there is a need to adjust how we originally planned to conduct the sessions. Dean Amy Lemire and Co-Dean Richard Avdoian, CSP, along with the top speaking industry experts who will be guest facilitators, are all prepared to share best practices, lessons learned and decades of professional speaking expertise through a virtual platform.

Decisions about the delivery method for the fall session will be evaluated as the start date gets closer, then on a session-by-session basis. We will keep you posted. When the decision is made that we can safely resume in-person sessions, the programs will continue at the Business Lodge in Chesterfield.

We really are confident you will receive tremendous value from Speakers Academy, whichever format it is presented in. This program has helped many aspiring speakers, just like you, go from student to stage to entrepreneur with the foundation for success as a paid, professional speaker.  We look forward to having you joins us, and “seeing” you soon.

My best,

Greg Martinelli