In December 2019, NSA St. Louis hosted a monthly meeting with a panel of speaking experts who shared their knowledge and wisdom in spectacular form. This year, once again, we will be assembling some of the best of the best to come together, share their wisdom, and prepare you to enter 2021 with more confidence and inspiration than ever before.

You won’t want to miss it!


Competitive, challenging and constantly changing – that is today’s uncertain marketplace! To survive you need a new set of strategies, and to thrive you need a new approach to business growth. In this high-energy, power-packed session, Motivational Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the strategies you need to redefine disruption, put you in the driver’s seat, and turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

*Registration for this program will open on Dec. 4, 2021

Executive coach, leadership expert, and award-winning author Libby Gill delivers a dynamic interactive presentation to help you get your message heard. The former head of communications for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby will share the latest research on confidence, help you crack the code on your best-ever elevator speech, and give you some tips and tools for enhancing executive presence in our virtual world. Finally, Libby will show you some simple ways to leverage your connections—including your NSA partners—to increase your visibility.

*Registration for this program will open on January 8, 2021

The basic rules of improv deal with finding agreement, listening, leading by empowering others, making choices, and celebrating those choices. These same attributes can improve sales and networking skills, build stronger leaders, foster creativity, and encourage employees and clients to feel more valued. This interactive keynote will give participants an entertaining opportunity to grow in a safe environment and walk away with valuable skills that can be put to use immediately.

*Registration for this program will open on February 5, 2021

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