NSA St. Louis Speaker Joe Mull - September 2021

Whether you’re a keynoter, trainer, consultant, or coach, systems are the difference between being a scattered, forgetful amateur who can barely keep up, and being a professional, organized, on-the-details, everything-is-under-control wizard of multi-client service. This program is perfect for the busy professional in need of a systems tune-up and early-career speakers seeking sound methods for running a speaking business. 

Registration for this program will begin in August

NSA St. Louis Featured Monthly Speaker Clint Pulver - October 2021

By taking the leap from his day job in the medical field to a full-time speaking career, Clint Pulver learned first-hand how to create a 6 figure speaking business in less than 2 years. In this presentation, Clint will reveal the roadmap behind his journey and the keys that allowed him to create a career from the stage. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or just getting ready to start, Clint will help you build the courage and confidence to grow your business, make more money and become more influential from the platform. 

Registration for this program will begin on September 3

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