NSA St. Louis February Monthly Speaker Libby Gill

Executive coach, leadership expert, and award-winning author Libby Gill delivers a dynamic interactive presentation to help you get your message heard. The former head of communications for Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby will share the latest research on confidence, help you crack the code on your best-ever elevator speech, and give you some tips and tools for enhancing executive presence in our virtual world. Finally, Libby will show you some simple ways to leverage your connections—including your NSA partners—to increase your visibility.

NSA St. Louis welcomes Meridith Elliott Powell as its Maech 2021 Monthly Speaker

Competitive, challenging and constantly changing – that is today’s uncertain marketplace! To survive you need a new set of strategies, and to thrive you need a new approach to business growth. In this high-energy, power-packed session, Motivational Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell shares the strategies you need to redefine disruption, put you in the driver’s seat, and turn uncertainty to your competitive advantage.

*Registration for this program will open on February 5, 2021

NSA St. Louis welcomes Meridith Elliott Powell as its Maech 2021 Monthly Speaker

​At the ripe old age of 87 Michelangelo’s parting words were, “Ancora Imparo…yet, I am learning”. Having delivered more than 5000 keynotes over his career, Mark’s approach to developing and delivering his presentation is similar – not in the same talent pool as Michelangelo – but with the same passion to continually learn and develop. Known for his ability to have an audience laughing at one moment and seconds later touched with emotional tears, Mark shares his insights and methods on developing and delivering memorable presentations.

*Registration for this program will open on March 5, 2021

NSA St. Louis May 2021 Monthly Speaker Rob Ferre

It’s time to disrupt your audiences with engagement through gamification! In this breakout session Rob Ferre, GSP (Game Show Person) will show how to gamify your presentation with either slides, interactive games or software. Rob will demonstrate different ways to engage the audience to gain more followers, fans and participants to opt into their programs. Rob will show a variety of games and activities that will work not only for breakout sessions presenters and trainers but also for keynoters.

*Registration for this program will open on April 9, 2021

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