NSA St. Louis Featured Speaker Shé Langley - September 2022

As a keynote speaker, you know you need a website. But is your website optimized so it’s easy for people to find you? Without search engine optimization (SEO), your website is like a speaker with no audience! In this workshop, you will learn the SEO fundamentals every keynote speaker needs to know to get found online and book more qualified leads.

NSA St. Louis Featured Speaker Pat Dwyer - October 2022

As a presentations and on-stage performance coach, Pat Dwyer’s myriad of experiences as a comedic director, writer and performer helps speakers take their presentations to the next level. He not only helps speakers find their funny, he helps them find the magic moments in their programs. No matter what you’re up against, Pat Dwyer will help you help your people help you and help themselves while laughing. 

*Registration for this event will begin in September 2022

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